Published on: Aug 29, 2019

We can’t deny that WhatsApp is a great app. I mean, it will not have a lot of users if it wasn’t great, right?

Besides, WhatsApp has been tagged as one of the best messaging apps there is.

However, not everyone is in awe of it. In fact, most Americans don’t like using WhatsApp.

So if you’re one of those people who doesn’t find the app worth downloading, don’t worry. There are some alternatives to WhatsApp.

Read on to know the best messaging apps that you can use instead of WhatsApp.



Viber is also considered as one of the best alternative messaging apps for WhatsApp. Both WhatsApp and Viber use your mobile number to register. It’s also super easy to set up and use.

Viber is known for its simple and elegant style. It allows you to send messages, photos, and files in an instant and it also has features of voice and video call.

Same with WhatsApp, all these features are free if you have an internet connection.

Download: Android, iOS


Facebook Messenger

Another app that’s also the best alternative to Whats App is Facebook Messenger.

If you have facebook, which is unbelievable if you don’t, then most probably you’re using this. You can use this to chat with people that you’re already connected with on Facebook.

What’s fascinating with this app is the Group chat feature. It allows you to have a conversation with your friends all at the same time. It’s like y’all are in a cafe talking to each other, except that you’re not physically together.

The downside in Facebook Messenger, much like Whatsapp, is that you can’t use it if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Download: Android, iOS



MyLine is an app that offers the highest quality yet cheap international calls. I know, we’re talking about the best alternative messaging apps for WhatsApp. But hear me out.

This app fits the description too. It offers free SMS to international numbers and doesn’t need the internet to send a message.

Compare to WhatsApp, MyLine is actually hassle-free to use. You can contact someone even if that person doesn’t have an account registered to MyLine.

So if you’re in a budget but want a high-quality experience in contacting people all around the world, then this is best for you.

Download: Android, iOS



Aside from the high-quality calls that Skype can deliver, it also allows you to send text messages. Skype is much recommended to use for business purposes. This app is known for calling your clients abroad which makes it a great alternative to WhatsApp.

Compare to Whatsapp, Skype doesn’t use your mobile number when creating an account. Skype will ask you for a username and email with password protection.

Download: Android, iOS


Kik Messenger

Unlike the messaging apps mentioned above, Kik doesn’t take that much of your personal info. It will only ask you to create a username and then you’re good to go.

So if you’re a paranoid and loves to take your privacy seriously, then Kik is the one you need to use in replace to WhatsApp.

Kik allows you to remain anonymous while sending messages and photos to others for free. It also allows you to block messages from people outside your network.

Download: Android, iOS



Telegram can also be your backup to WhatsApp. This app can run even if you have a weak internet connection because it only needs a light data when sending messages.

It also offers features like “Secure Chat” mode which makes sure no one can read it except to your intended recipient. There’s also an option where your message can self-destruct.

The best part with this app is that even though it’s free, it doesn’t have any ads popping up while you’re using it.

There are many apps out there that can be a substitute for WhatsApp. But these messaging apps that are mentioned above are the best choice you could have.

Download: Android, iOS

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