Published on: Jul 17, 2019

Traveling, as it is, can be daunting. But hitting the road with a baby in tow can be far more stressful. Don’t fret. Traveling with an infant is very much possible and doable. The secret lies in the preparations.

Packing your baby’s essentials is a big factor in ensuring that your trip will be stress-free and enjoyable. So what do you have to pack for infant travel? Check out our checklist:

Baby Clothes

All moms know that babies have to change clothes multiple times a day. That’s why baby clothes is a must on your packing list. Some moms say one or two outfits per day is a good guideline but most of the time you’ll need more than that.

Disposable Diapers

Another item you should never run out of in your baby bag is disposable diapers. Babies are so unpredictable and you just never know when you need to change their diapers. But don’t bring a lifetime worth of diapers. Pack just enough to get you to your destination. You can always buy more when you arrive.

little Indian boy on the phoneDiaper Cream

Along with the disposable diapers are diaper cream. You don’t want to risk your little one developing diaper rash after all. If you’re traveling internationally, pack enough to last you for the whole trip. There’s no assurance the brand you’re using (and which your baby is used to) will be available in the country you’re heading.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are the most useful things you can have when you’re on the road with a baby in tow. So pack an extra or two if you’ll be gone for days.


Debates are still ongoing as to whether you should or shouldn’t let your baby use a pacifier. But if your child is already using one, you should bring extra.

Age Appropriate Toys

This might not completely prevent your baby from getting cranky during the entire trip but it helps a lot. One or two would be enough. You just need something to distract them if they’re about to go ballistic.

Stroller/Baby Carrier

Whether you’re strolling through the city or hiking on the mountainside, a stroller or baby carrier will make your life easier. It might even save you from back and muscle aches.

Baby Blankets

Sometimes the temperature on the airplane can be too cold for the baby. Or if you need to change their diapers while on the road, you need something to lay them down on. That’s why baby blankets are a must-have in your baby bag.

Baby Food

If you’re breastfeeding, bring something convenient for you to eat like granola or cereal bars. If your baby is on formula, pack it in “reasonable quantities”. Baby formulas, like juice, are exempt from TSA’s 3-ounce limit. But you don’t want to pack too much as it easily spoils. You can also put formula powder in pre-measured packets ready to mix with bottled water. That way, you won’t have to worry about the milk spoiling or spilling.

Baby Wash

If you’re flying, be sure to check TSA rules on liquids. Put it in small non-spill containers along with other baby toiletries.

Antibacterial Soap

This isn’t just for the baby but for adults too. A disinfecting hand gel works too.

Vitamins and Medicines

Baby vitamins and medicines should be put in a separate small bag along with the thermometer. Put it in an easily accessible location in your baby bag.

Large Ziplock Bags

For the dirty clothes and things that you need to throw away when you pass by a trashcan.

Baby Passport and Documents

Yes, babies need passports and other travel documents too. US embassy and consulates issue passports to newborns. Every country requires different documents for securing an infant visa so be sure to check on that beforehand.

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