Published on: Oct 23, 2019

They say one of the most visited travel destinations today is Europe. With its beautiful and magnificent places to offer, you wouldn’t dare to miss it as well.

Now, if you already have plans to travel to Europe, I’m pretty sure that you already did your research on what phone plans to get once you get there.

If not, then prepare for your total nightmare.

A common headache for travelers is the jaw-dropping phone bill they usually receive from their network carrier once they go home.

One of the many things you often use whenever you travel is your mobile phone. And not getting yourself an international phone plan is a no-no.

If you’re calling your family from abroad or doing some business calls without a phone plan, then overseas calls would cost you a lot.

But worry no more. I got you! Here are some cheap international phone plans that can help you avoid those unexpected roaming fees your carrier might charge you.

AT&T International Day Pass

AT&T offers different packages for unlimited texting and phone calls. But this International Day Pass package might be what you really need once you go to Europe.

The plan costs $10/day for unlimited international calling and texting. Of course, it comes with unlimited data as well. Most travelers can’t live without having an internet connection on their cellphones, so this phone plan makes it easier for you.

Another great thing about this plan is that they will only charge you for days on which you use the package. So if you don’t use your phone for one day, you get to save $10.

MyLine’s $2 Call Plan

Starting at only $2, MyLine’s international call plan is the cheapest of all the phone plans listed here. It offers cheap international calls to over 150 countries and destinations for as low as $0.001 per minute. Calling people in the US from France, for example, would only cost you $0.03 per minute. This means that your $2 will give you 67 minutes worth of calls.

The best thing about MyLine is that the call credits are valid for 180 days and you only get charged for the minutes you use. This means you can stretch out your $2 plan for the entire duration of your trip.

Unlike other call plans, MyLine requires no registration. You just go to their site, buy call credits, and use it to call your family and friends back home. 

Apart from its super cheap calling rates, MyLine also throws in free unlimited international SMS for every subscription.

Verizon TravelPass

Verizon’s TravelPass phone plan is kind of similar to AT&T’s International Day Pass.

The TravelPass package gives you a flat daily fee of $5 or $10 depending on the country you’re in at the time of purchase. This phone plan lets you use your prepaid talk, text, and even data allowances while outside the US.

TravelPass will only charge you on the days that you use your service outside of the US. Verizon will send you a text message on when your 24-hr TravelPass session will expire.

Sprint Global Roaming

All Sprint plans that have Sprint Global Roaming allow you to have unlimited texts and free data. It also offers phone calls that will cost you 20 cents per minute.

However, while this has no extra charge for Sprint Global Roaming, you must add this first to your plan to enjoy the benefits.

The free data under this phone plan comes at up to 2G speeds. Although it may seem slow compared to what they offer to you at home, you can upgrade it to 4GLTE for as low as $5/day.

While these international phone plans are cheap and convenient to use, there are still other ways available for you like getting a Europe SIM card if these phone plans don’t interest you.

After all, it’s you who knows which plans and what ways you’ll find it cheaper and more convenient.

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