Published April 12th, 2021

These days, internet connection is part of most people’s everyday lives. Everywhere we go, we often find ourselves looking for the nearest and most reliable internet connection. Having a weak internet connection can get frustrating, and nobody likes having to work too hard just to get a signal or a decent amount of data. 

Public WiFi networks are available, but can you trust them in terms of security and all? Besides, too much personal data can get expensive, so let’s try staying away from that as much as possible. Want a safer and more efficient way to surf the internet and browse wherever you go? You can always opt to subscribe to a prepaid mobile hotspot

There are many prepaid plans for mobile hotspots out there, but not all work the same. Some are either too expensive or too slow for people’s liking. On the other hand, there is no one good mobile hotspot that would depend on the person who uses it. This article will discuss the top five prepaid mobile hotspots that you can get today.

Stay Connected with Mobile Hotspots

Before we get started, what exactly is a mobile hotspot, and why do you need it? People also refer to mobile hotspots as MiFi or pocket WiFi as it is a small gadget that you can carry around wherever you go. It is sort of like a mini version of a wifi router, except this one is wireless. 

Owning a personal mobile hotspot device is beneficial in many ways. The security system is nearly flawless as you would be the only person to use it unless you decide to share it with a family member or friend, but that does not affect your security in any way. Mobile hotspots are convenient as you can have access to a strong internet connection wherever you go. No more worrying about not having the latest updates because you will have access to social media platforms wherever you go with mobile hotspots. 

To get the best out of mobile hotspots, you should subscribe to a prepaid mobile hotspot plan. This way, you have your on-the-go access to the internet while still managing your monthly expenses and minimizing unnecessary costs. Below is a list of the five best prepaid mobile hotspots you can get today.

Best Prepaid Mobile Hotspots

Skyroam Solis X

The Skyroam Solis X comes with an aesthetically pleasing design that you can carry around. On top of that design, the Skyroam Solis X plan offers 4G and LTE data that is available in over 130 countries in the world. Most suppliers of this mobile hotspot device situate in most of America and Europe. With the Skyroam Solis X, there are multiple prepaid plans you can choose from to better fit your lifestyle. 

The Skyroam has data plans that require no commitments and contracts due to their pay-as-you-go system. However, they do have Unlimited plans for both daily and monthly use that you can pay ahead. This device features an impressive battery life and can support up to ten devices at once. 

Keepgo World Travel WiFi Hotspot

The Keepgo travel hotspot features an ultra-portable device that weighs less than three ounces making it easy to bring and slip into your bags and pockets. Despite its small size, the Keepgo travel hotspot can support up to 15 devices at once! 

The Keepgo hotspot device offers 1GB of global data at initial purchase to get you started on your mobile data journey. The only downside with this device is that its battery life is not the best out there since it is small, and the data plans are more expensive than other mobile hotspot devices.

GlocalMe G4

GlocalMe G4 is a hotspot device that features a touchscreen surface that is similar to a smartphone. The device also acts as a battery pack for USB-C wires and has a 3900 mAh battery that can keep the device running for over ten hours. The Glocal G4 device weighs under seven ounces making it easy to carry anywhere, especially for on-the-go people.

This mobile hotspot device is available in several countries. It features excellent battery life despite the small size, and the touchscreen makes it easy for you to keep track of your data should you wish to add more. The downside of this mobile hotspot plan is that they throttle once you’ve used up all 2GB in a month.

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Travelwifi Teppy

The Travelwifi Teppy weighs 4.5 ounces and comes in an aesthetic design. This hotspot device can support up to five devices at once and can run from six hours up to twelve. Also, the Teppy hotspot device comes with a travel case for added convenience and a variety of universal adaptors so that you can charge it anywhere.

Initially, the Teppy mobile hotspot plan comes with 1GB of data upon purchase, although plans vary pending on the country and region. Availing of their plans will require you to download the Sapphire app to access over 400 different plans. The partner app, Sapphire, is a straightforward app that is easy to access and does not require too much work.

You can access your data information through this app and see as far as six months back into your data spending history. Despite the several plans you can select from with this data device, some areas, such as remote regions, may offer plans with more expensive rates than usual.

We.Stream Secure Mobile Hotspot

We.Stream Secure mobile hotspot device is the most suitable for the business traveler that is constantly on the go. Regardless if you are a business traveler or not, this mobile hotspot device offers plans and features to best suit your data needs while adhering to security measures. The We.Stream device features a touchscreen interface, dual sim card slots, battery life that lasts up to 15 hours, and the ability to support up to five mobile devices.

What makes this device stand out is its VPN system that gives you a secure internet connection no matter what device you are using. While it is heavier than the other portable devices we’ve mentioned so far, with a weight of nine ounces, it also comes with a protective case that guarantees safety—the We.Stream’s data plans come with 2GB out of the box and 5GB retrievable through email.

The plans offer LTE services in over 150 countries and start at $8 for their 500MB plan. You have an option of paying weekly, monthly, or yearly for their plans. This device is more expensive than what we’ve tackled so far, but it is worth the money with its large coverage area and added security features.

Choosing a data plan and hotspot device can get tricky, especially if you are quite particular about spending money. Each device mentioned above offers different specs and benefits that make it easier for you to select a prepaid mobile hotspot plan that best fits your lifestyle. People have different needs and standards when it comes to the quality of their internet connection. Some people rely a lot on the internet.

Therefore they need stronger data with more MB. Others see the internet as a leisure place rather than an essential, meaning they would not need as much data as others. We all have different needs when it comes to internet connection and data storage, so hopefully, this article could help you choose which device suits you the best.

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