Published on: May 5, 2020

Seasoned travelers know the importance how to pack shoes for travel properly. Doing it wrong can ruin your shoes, and of course, your trip.

If you’re just going on a weekend trip, this might not be much of a problem. But if your trip is expected to last longer than a few days, you definitely need to come up with a strategy.

In packing shoes for travel, the most important consideration is space. You need to make sure that you’re using the space in your suitcase effectively without damaging your shoes.
Another thing you need to avoid is contamination. If you don’t pack your shoes well, you could arrive at your destination with a suitcase full of dirty and stinky clothes.

So how do you pack shoes for travel that won’t take up too much space while avoiding contamination? Here are some tips you can try.

Carefully Choose Which Shoes You’ll Need

We get it. Your footwear can make or break your trip. And if you could bring your entire shoe collection with you, you probably will. But as you have limited luggage space, you can’t. This is why it’s important to carefully choose which shoes you’ll pack.

Obviously, the first rule is to pack only those shoes you’ll need for your trip. To determine which ones you need, you have to consider your itinerary.

Are you going hiking? swimming? will you do a lot of walking? These questions will help you choose which shoes to pack. If you’ll do a lot of walking, packing that pair of 5-inch sequined Louboutin heels will be very impractical. But if you’ll be attending a formal event, then those would be perfect.

If you’re going on a long holiday and has no clear-cut itinerary, bring shoes that will suit multiple occasions. Or bring a pair for walking or hiking and another pair that you can wear on date nights.

Another thing to consider when choosing which shoes to pack is the size of your luggage or suitcase. If you’ll be bringing a small backpack, see to it that you’ll still have enough space for clothes. Otherwise, you may have nice shoes but you could be wearing the same set of clothes for days.

Wrap Shoes Before Putting Them In Your Suitcase

Even if your shoes look clean, you should never throw it in with your clothes without wrapping them. Any type of wrap will do as long as it prevents the dirt and smell from sticking to your clothes.
Most people use ziplock bags as they’re readily available and reusable. But if you want a more environment-friendly alternative, you can use your old pillowcase or a scarf.
If packing shoes made of leather or any material that might easily get scratched, wrap it with a silk scarf or a bathrobe.

A pair of shoes packed together with clothes for travel.

Tuck Small Items Inside Your Shoes

Tucking clothing items inside your shoes not only saves space. It also helps your shoes retain their shape. Aside from clothes, you can also stuff your shoes with small pieces of jewelry or accessories.

Make sure you wrap them first with either a paper or a ziplock bag. Or anything that will put a barrier between your clothes and the inside of your shoes. It also helps keep the small items together so you won’t leave any tiny bits inside your shoes when you take them out.

Label the Packing Cubes

If you’re using packing cubes or boxes, make sure to put a label on them. You will not use all of the shoes you packed at once. Putting labels on the boxes will help you determine which shoes are in which box. So you won’t have a hard time taking out the pair that you need and packing them back up.

Packing Bulky Shoes

If you’re packing bulky and heavy shoes, put them at the bottom of your suitcase. Make sure to press the soles flat against the wall of the suitcase. Then line the walls with any additional shoes making sure the soles are pressed tightly against the suitcase wall.

To save space, separate the bulky ones. Put one on the other side of the suitcase and the other pair on the opposite side. You can also arrange them side-by-side in heel to toe position. If there’s really not enough space, just wear the bulkiest shoes while traveling.

After reading this post about how to pack shoes for travel, you will surely be a pro in packing your shoes during travel.

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