How to Call Italy from USA

According to polls, Italians are among the most pro-American people in the world. In fact, 78% of them views the US favorably.

It’s not hard to see why. The two countries have enjoyed warm relations for more than half a century. Defense efforts as well as bilateral trade further cemented these two nation’s partnership. In 2017, trade between them is valued at over $68 billion.

Americans also have a lot to thank the Italians for. Not only for the Ferrari or the Lamborghini but mainly for the exquisite foods that are now very much a part of the American culture.

Pasta, for example. Whether you’re into fine dining or microwave cooking, there’s always the right kind of pasta for you. Pizza, one of Italy’s greatest contribution to civilization, is a comfort food for millions of Americans. The same goes for chicken parmesan, garlic bread and Nutella.

Italian influence in the American culture goes far beyond the kitchen. From cars to bags, Italian luxury goods are conquering the US market.

If you are dreaming of or actually drives a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, you can thank Italian Americans for that. Italian fashion brands like Giorgio Armani, Versace, Gucci and Valentino are household names in the US too.

From less than 25,000 immigrants in the 1870’s, Italian Americans have grown to more than 17 million as of 2013. They account for about 5.4% of the US population.

The Italian community in the US is mostly known for their high regard for family. Meals are often shared with family members. Reunions are a big deal and very much looked forward to.

Whether you’re an Italian American calling family members back home or have business dealings in the country, we can help you make cheap international calls to Italy.

Cheap Calls to Landline and Mobile Numbers in Italy from the US

From the US, calls to landline and mobile numbers in Italy could cost up to $1.99 per minute. Here’s a quick comparison of international call costs per minute among four popular calling companies in the US:

Type of Calls








$0.23 + $0.49 connection fee





$0.10 + 0.89 connection fee



As you can see, MyLine has the lowest rates for calls to landline and mobile numbers in Italy. Additionally, calling plans are as cheap as $2 which makes it even more affordable.

Everything is prepaid so you don’t have to worry about shocking phone bills at the end of the month. This also means that you won’t get trapped in a contract and you only pay for what you use. No other charges hidden in the fine print.

We not only offer the cheapest international call rates to Italy. We’re also throwing in free international SMS. Even with a $2 calling plan, you can already send unlimited SMS at no additional cost.

Here’s how you can sign up and call Italy with MyLine:

Toll-free or Standard Access from any phone:

  1. Purchase or top-up international call card credits with MyLine (
  2. Dial toll-free or standard access number for Italy (
  3. Enter MyLine PIN or Activate PIN-less dialing
  4. Dial the destination phone number. (10 digits for mobile and 8 digits for landline)


  1. Install MyLine app from the Appstore ( or Playstore (
  2. Create an account
  3. Purchase call credits
  4. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

PC, Mac or WebRTC App

  1. Create an account here (
  2. Go to the MyLine WebRTC Site (
  3. Key in your log-in details
  4. Top-up credits (if needed)
  5. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

See rates here: