How To Call India From Canada With MyLine

With 1.2 million Canadians having Indian heritage, the depth of these two nations’ tie cannot be denied. Both countries have long enjoyed bilateral relations born out of shared history and a mutual commitment to democracy.

Trade relations between India and Canada remains prosperous in spite of the recent recession. They even celebrated the Year of India in Canada in 2012 to mark and promote business and political relations.

Indo-Canadians started to pour into Canada at the start of the 20th century. Most of them are from Punjabs or British army veterans. Throughout the next several decades, the Indian population in Canada continued to increase as immigration policies become more open.

Ontario hosts the largest population of Indo-Canadians with 51% of them residing in the Greater Toronto Area. Most Indian immigrants in Canada enjoy a middle or upper-middle class lifestyle. They are also more likely to have a university degree than other ethnic migrant groups.

They also tend to be working in white collar jobs and even hold senior managerial positions. Lots of them also maintain regular contact with immediate families and friends back in India.

Fortunately for them, MyLine offers international calling long distance to India from Canada for as cheap as $0.011 per minute. Learn how to call with the app here. Plans start at $2 with no contract and other extra hidden charges. Not only is it cheap, it doesn’t require an internet connection too. Just sign up, pay and call. It’s that easy.

How Do We Compete With Free International Calling Services?

Why use MyLine when you could use Facebook or WhatsApp? Our service let’s you call without an internet connection. The person you’re trying to reach doesn’t need to have an account with the service either for you to connect with them. You can call anywhere there is a cell connection.

Here’s how you can make the cheapest long-distance call from Canada to India with MyLine:

Toll-free or Standard Access from any phone:

Purchase or top-up international call card credits with MyLine
Dial toll-free or standard access number for Canada
Enter MyLine PIN or Activate PIN-less dialing
Dial the destination phone number (10 digits for mobile and 8 digits for landline)


  1. Install MyLine app from the Appstore or Playstore
  2. Create an account
  3. Purchase call credits
  4. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

PC, Mac or WebRTC App

  1. Create an account here
  2. Go to the MyLine WebRTC Site
  3. Key in your log-in details
  4. Top-up credits (if needed)
  5. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

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