How To Call India From The USA With MyLine


India and USA are two countries with deep-rooted ties. Not just because they were both former British colonies or the billions worth of goods exchanged between them yearly. Indo-Americans or Americans with Indian roots also comprise 1.3% of the entire US population making them the third largest ethnic group in the country.

It’s therefore not surprising that several elements of the Indian culture have seeped into popular American culture over the years. Traditional Indian foods such as the curry, roti, biryani, paneer and tandoori dishes have found their way into both the posh restaurants and back alley food carts in New York. Yoga, a discipline which originated in ancient India, is now a very popular form of physical exercise in the west.





Many highly educated Indians are also occupying top executive positions in multinational companies. You can likewise see them working white collar jobs, supervising hospitals, teaching in Ivy League universities and even own some promising start-ups in Silicon Valley. A lot of Indians have also been given recognitions by various American institutions for their contributions in their respective fields.

 Close family ties is one of the foundations of the Indian culture. Extended families living in one roof is the norm for most Indian communities. In fact, the most common route for Indians migrating to the US is through family sponsorship. Those who cannot bring their families with them strive to keep constant communication with their loved ones back home.

This is why being able to call home without breaking the bank means a lot to Indian immigrants in the US. If they could just talk to their families on the phone for hours without having to worry about phone bills going through the roof.

We at MyLine seek to help our very hardworking immigrants keep closer ties with families back home with international calling services. So we crafted calling plans with them in mind. A three-hour talk time can cost only $2 or as low as $0.011 per minute. No more, no less. No activation fees, subscription fees or any other hidden charges. Just pay for what you use and we’ll round off the minutes. This is the cheapest international calling rate you can find in the world. The best part is you don’t have to remember all those country codes and area codes. MyLine already took care of it for you. Learn more about how to call here. 

Check out these steps on how to make the cheapest calls to any landline or mobile number in India:

Toll-free or Standard Access from any phone:

  1. Purchase or top-up international calling card minutes with MyLine
  2. Dial toll-free or standard access number for US
  3. Enter MyLine PIN or Activate PIN-less dialing
  4. Dial the destination phone number. (10 digits for mobile and 8 digits for landline)


  1. Install MyLine app from the Appstore or Playstore
  2. Create an account
  3. Purchase call credits
  4. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

PC, Mac or WebRTC App

  1. Create an account here
  2. Go to the MyLine WebRTC Site
  3. Key in your log-in details
  4. Top-up credits (if needed)
  5. Dial destination number or choose from your contact list

See our international calling rates here.