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SIP Trunking

Account Management

All accounts include online account management. Log in to easily update plans, phone number settings, or account details. MyLine provides a streamlined view of all your numbers in one place so you can manage them with ease.

Call Forwarding

Setup a phone number with our call forwarding service to forward incoming calls out to any US or Canadian phone number of your choice. Simple number forwarding without all the confusing menus, queues and complicated management. Send calls to your cell phone, home phone, work phone or any US or Canadian phone number!

Call Notification

Voice messages are sent to you via email freeing up your time from answering telemarketer calls. Manage the notifications at your earliest convenience and return only the most important calls. Your number is answered by your customized voicemail greeting. Callers can leave a message that forwards the incoming message to an email address of your choosing. These attached files can be heard directly within your email, or downloaded for later reference.

Caller ID Select (incoming)

You’ll know if that call is coming from your MyLine number. Select to show the incoming caller’s Caller ID or show your MyLine phone number as incoming Caller ID.

Local Phone Numbers

Local Phone Number

Local phone numbers allow customers to protect their privacy. Instead of handing out your private cell-phone number every time you need to post an ad on Craigslist or every time you meet someone on a Saturday night – hand out your MyLine local number. Local Numbers also increase your local presence for small businesses. It can provide a local feel that toll-free numbers cannot provide. Whatever your application, MyLine provides the integration of local numbers into your everyday life.

Number Porting (LNP)

Phone number porting simply means transferring, and you will save money when transferring that under-used never-used plain-old telephone number. Take advantage of MyLine’s features, and become number smart as well as phone smart. By transferring to MyLine you will have a selection of saving (parking) your number while you move or are in transition. You can avoid telemarketers and call back only those you want to speak to, or simply forward the number to your smart phone where – let’s face it – you manage most of your life anyways.

Any numbers transferred to MyLine remain your property and can be ported out at any time, though we believe you’ll enjoy life on the farm with MyLine. And if it doesn’t port, you don’t pay!


Consolidate your numbers. Protect your numbers. Don’t over pay for additional numbers. Do you already have a small-business phone system that you’re happy with then MyLine is your solution. We forward numbers. It’s what we do, and we can forward to your existing phone system so you can save money. Contact us regarding discount pricing for bulk number orders or transfers.

We can register numbers in bulk. We can park numbers for later use, or we can protect you if your current phone system isn’t all that reliable. If your current phone system has a tendency to go down from time to time feel free to log in to MyLine and forward your phone number to your smart phone until they get their act together.

Do you like to store quality TFNs for later use? Save money with MyLine and either forward or port them to your current phone system when needed.

Outbound Calling

Place outbound calls from ANY number in your MyLine account right from your account control panel. We’ll connect your call using your existing phone service (cell phone, work phone, home phone) and use the Caller ID of the number you select. Available with all plans.


Parking a phone number is for those in transition. Have you ever moved and didn’t know quite what to do with your number but didn’t want to lose it? Have you ever had the perfect business local or toll-free number and didn’t want to part ways with it while your business was on hiatus? Don’t pay for phone service you don’t use. Park your number, maintain ownership and store it for later use.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-Free Numbers are the universal business tools. Toll-Free numbers give your existing and potential customers the impression that you are a legitimate business by providing a professional image. Give your customers a number that doesn’t cost them to call, and saves you money as it is treated no different than a local number. We offer 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 toll-free numbers.

Vanity Phone Numbers

Allow your customers an easy way to remember how to reach you. Find a phone number whose corresponding keypad letters spell a word or name (like 1-800-FLOWERS). Find the perfect memorable phone number. Millions of numbers to choose from! Search for local and toll free vanity numbers using our simple search tool. Search for a vanity number now

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to email plays your custom voicemail greeting then allows callers to leave a voice message. Our system then forwards the message to your designated email which you can listen to later and respond at your earliest convenience. This feature ensures that you will never be out of reach, and you can consolidate your communications through email on your smartphone. Only available with our Call Forwarding plans.

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