Published Oct 05, 2020

They say that traveling is the ultimate test of a relationship. Well, no one knows that saying better than couples who travel the world for a living.

Most of these couple travel bloggers quit their full-time job, hit the open road, and never looked back. Documenting the ups and downs of their journey, they have inspired thousands of couples (and even singles) around the world.

But with so many couple travel blogs out there (we’re talking in the hundreds), it can be a headache to follow each one of them. Not to mention, you’ll probably have a serious case of wanderlust addiction (if you haven’t got one yet!).

To help you choose blogs that will surely give you that much-needed dose of travel and relationship goals, we’ve rounded up this list of couple travel blogs you definitely have to follow:

1. Getting Stamped

Couple bloggers Hannah and Adam had been traveling the world for over eight years. They’ve been to about 80 countries and counting. All the accumulated knowledge they gained from their travels are shown on their site as travel how to’s, tips, and tricks.

2. Goats on the Road

The couple behind the blog, Nick and Dariece, left Canada in 2008 and has lived abroad since then. Before attaining success in blogging, they’ve tried a number of odd jobs while on the road. They’re sharing all of their learnings and other methods to sustain a traveling lifestyle.

3. Two Scots Abroad

From the blog name itself, you already know where this couple hails from. After pressing pause on their careers in Scotland, Gemma and Craig Armit went on an adventure in Europe and the Americas. They’ve visited a total of 16 countries in just 17 months. Even if they’re now back in Scotland, they haven’t stopped sharing their learnings and experiences.

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4. The World Pursuit

Making a living out of their passion for traveling, the outdoors, and good tasting coffee, Cameron and Natasha started their own travel blog. Their nomadic lifestyle already took them to 80 countries across 6 continents. They now share their adventures, experiences, and travel tips to over 70 thousand followers around the world.

5. Mytanfeet

Planning to visit Costa Rica soon? You should check out this blog by Costa Rican-American couple Yeison and Samantha. Since Samantha moved to Costa Rica in 2012, they’ve explored almost every nook and cranny of the country. They share everything they learned in this blog plus local tips on the do’s and don’ts when traveling Costa Rica.

6. Flying the Nest

Combining persuasive writing with stunning photography, Australian couple Stephen and Jess blogs their way around the world. They’ve hiked the Machu Pichu, explored the Great Pyramids of Egypt, and rode a hot air balloon in Turkey. Since starting their blog in 2015, they now gained over 1.6 million followers.

7. The Planet D

Couple bloggers Dave and Deb have been married for 20 years when they realized they wanted something more out of life. So they booked a ticket and has never looked back since. They’ve already won several awards and has worked with some of the largest brands and companies around the world. Forbes even named them one of the Top 10 Influencers in the world.

8. 2 Aussie Travellers

Exploring the Asia Pacific Region, Toni and Drew share the local cuisines, culture, and travel tips they’ve learned along the way. They specifically focus on Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, and the Pacific Islands. They also share recipes of local delights and must-visit food markets.

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