Published on: Feb 7, 2020

Are you a sailing enthusiast? Do you live your days looking forward to the next regatta? Then, these sailing apps will surely make your life easier!

While it may look all fun and games to outsiders, sailing the open seas is a serious business. Not only do you need proper gears, but you also have to be physically and mentally prepared. This is why sailing apps are very useful while at sea.

From helping you figure out navigational routes to predicting the weather, these apps can be your compass, library, and personal assistant rolled into one. So if you’re planning an epic sailing journey this 2020, here are the best sailing apps you need to have on your phone:

Marine Weather

Every self-respecting sailor knows the importance of accurate weather and tide prediction. This is what the Marine Weather app offers. It combines all major models of weather forecast to give you results of the highest accuracy.

It allows users to download weather data as GRIB files. Among the data you can download are:

  • wind
  • pressure
  • precipitation
  • air temperature
  • wave
  • total cloud cover

Tide forecasts are locally calculated in your device. You can even specify certain parameters according to your needs. But the best thing about this app is its offline functionality which means you can use it even while in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This app is also compatible with a satellite phone or the Iridium Go.

Download: Android

Kwindoo Tracking

Looking to join regatta events worldwide? Then, this app is for you.

Aside from letting you search for regatta events, the app also lets you keep track of your sailing data. This includes your route, average speed, distance from other regatta participants, and completed waypoints.

You can also take photos and videos of your sailing journey in real-time and share it with your friends so they can keep track of your progress live. It gives you after sail and heat map type performance analysis too.

Download: Android, iOS


With its various set of nautical applications, this app is most suitable for seasoned sailors and seafarers. It contains a speedometer, GPS information and distance measurement in nautical miles and meters.

What makes the app stand out, however, is its easy-to-use interface. Featuring bold letters against a clear gray background, sailing data can easily be read at a glance. You can also put it on full-screen or night mode.

Download: Android


When you’re out in the open sea, communication can be difficult. Sure, there are a lot of free calling apps out there but they usually don’t work offline. Fortunately, there’s MyLine.

It lets you make cheap international calls to over 150 destinations around the globe even without an internet connection. The MyLine app also compatible with a wide range of devices. Now you won’t have to miss any calls and texts even when you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Download: Android, iOS


Sometimes, the most accurate sailing information can best be provided by locals. They know the terrain better and can tell you a lot about the weather patterns in that area.

This is what Navily is for. It’s a social networking app just like Facebook – but for sailing enthusiasts. The app lets locals share information about sailing in their area. This lets you find the best anchorages and marina in different countries and cities. With over 200,000 users worldwide, the app certainly delivers on its promise.

Download: Android, iOS

Embark – Marine Charts

Say goodbye to bulky navigation maps. This app lets you save routes, waypoints, and tracks and view them even while offline.

Embark also lets you view AIS data of boats within a 100 km radius from you including their position, speed, and course. You can also stream for free the latest up to date marine chart or download it for offline use. Plus you can share photos and reviews of your trip with your family and friends.

Download: Android, iOS

Anchor Watch Pro/Alarm

We all know that sailing is not all fun and games. It can be risky too as there’s always the chance your boat could get blown off-course. Thankfully, there’s now an app that can help you avoid that.

Anchor Watch Pro keeps track of your location and sends you an alarm if you get too far from the anchor. You can also set it to send a message to another phone via instant messaging or email. It even allows you to choose a sound alarm.

Download: Android, iOS

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