Published on: April 28, 2021

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities you can do as a hobby. There are many things to remember when going out camping, and there are many things you need to bring to make sure you make the most out of your trip. 

Sleeping outdoors is all fun and games until you start to struggle to fix your tent, cooking your meals, bathing, and trying to get a good night’s sleep. Since you will be sleeping outdoors, you cannot simply bring the mattress you have at home and call it a day. 

Even if you have an RV or trailer to travel in, you still need a good place to sleep in. Below are tips on choosing the best air mattress for camping to help lessen your worries about not having the best camping experience. This list will help you find the best mattress type that best suits your travel needs.

Things To Consider When Buying Camping Air Mattresses 

1. Mattress Type & Weight

Since you will be traveling by foot most of the time, you have to keep things as light as possible. Only pack the things you need such as hygiene kits, camping gear, blankets, your camping tent, food and water, utensils, and of course, your mattress. A regular mattress is heavy and not exactly ideal for traveling. 

Can you imagine trying to lift a king-sized mattress and squeezing it into a compact tent? Nobody is stopping you from doing it, but then again, why would you if you can bring a perfectly light mattress that is easy to carry? 

If you do some trekking, hiking, or a lot of walking, you may want to go for the lightest mattress there is. On the other hand, heavier air bed mattresses may provide more comfort than lighter ones, but that is for a different kind of trip. 

2. Functionality

We already know that air bed mattresses are not the same as regular bed mattresses. Air bed mattresses are designed to be inflatable for functionality. When buying an air mattress, you must consider the difficulty level you will go through when setting it up. 

After a long day of traveling, hiking, and finding the perfect place to set up camp, all you want to do is rest and get some shut-eye. If your mattress is hard to set up and inflatable, you will be even more exhausted. Some are selfinflating camping air beds, which are the best kind you can get, although they are not nearly as comfortable as the ordinary manually inflated air mattress.

3. Size

What is the ideal size of an air mattress for camping? That depends on the number of people sleeping on it and your preferences. If you are traveling with your family, a bigger mattress is recommended. This way, you don’t have to make too much effort when preparing and packing your camping setting. If you are traveling alone, it is ideal to bring a mattress just right for a single person. However, if you prefer having a lot of space to move in, you can get a bigger-sized mattress. It is entirely up to you. 

4. Budget

Camping airbeds are available at a wide range of prices. Some are low in price but have excellent quality, and some are pretty expensive but are not as high quality as you would expect. Do not automatically assume that expensive air bed mattresses are better in quality. Sometimes, the simplest mattresses are the ones that last longer, no matter how many times you use them. Like with most things, as long as you take care of it, you will get the most out of it for a long time.

Our Picks for The Best Air Mattresses for Camping

1. Coleman Soft Plush Top Inflated Quickbed

The Coleman Soft Plush air mattress offers a velvet surface for comfortable sleep. The ComfortStrong coil construction of the mattress provides firm support, so you won’t have to worry about any damage even if you move a lot during your sleep. The mattress is sized at 73x58x8 inches and can fit standard queen-size sheets. The mattress features a Wrap N Roll system for easy packing and storage.

2. KingCamp Light Single/Double Outdoor Camping Sleeping Air

The KingCamp Light Camping mattress is built with 190T polyester with waterproof, puncture, and scratch-resistant features, making it perfect for camping outdoors. The KingCamp air mattress comes in the size of a single bed and a double bed, with the former weighing only a mere 3.74 pounds and the latter at 7.71 pounds. The mattress also comes with a built-in foot air pump for high functionality.

3. REDCAMP Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad w/ Attached Pillow

The REDCAMP air mattress is built with a waterproof 75D polyester pongee that is coated with PVC. The inflating air bed is designed to sustain any kind of slip, and the core ensures comfort and coziness during your sleep. The mattress comes in two sizes, one with dimensions of 77x26x1.2 and another with 77x26x2.  It also comes in two colors, namely army green, and navy blue.

A child sleeping in a cozy air mattress.

4. Legit Camping Sleeping Pad Camping Mat

The Legit Camping Sleeping Pad mattress is made out of nylon fabric designed to suit outdoor settings well. The mattress is highly durable and extremely light in weight. Legit Camping mattress offers air support cells to add extra comfort and allows you to sleep in any position. 

5. Coleman QuickBed Single High Airbed Mattress

The Coleman QuickBed mattress has a broader range in sizes than the rest on the list. The sizes range from Kids Size to a Single High Queen Size. The mattress features a ComfortStrong Coil Construction to withstand the body’s weight and keep sleeping surfaces at a level. 

6. Sable Camping Air Mattress, Inflatable AirBed

The Sable Camping Air Mattress is a high-quality mattress that comes at a reasonably low price. It is made out of PVC and eco-friendly. The top layer is 0.6 mm thick, providing high insulation properties, and the sides have seamless welding that is crafted excellently to prevent any leakage.

7. Lightspeed Outdoor PVC Free Air Mattresses

The Lightspeed Outdoor PVC Free Air Mattress is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane and has high durability. It is lightweight for easy travel, and it doesn’t stretch too much to provide more comfort. The mattress is sized at 79x55x7 inches and weighs a total of six pounds, making it one of the best travel mattresses there is. 

8. ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed is one of the few camping mattresses that features a polyester fabric instead of PVC. Polyester provides health benefits that PVC does not, making it safer for use. The polyester fabric is 45% lighter than PVC, so this mattress is ideal for camping and traveling. It comes in a queen or a twin size. ALPS Mountaineering mattress also comes with a coil system that ensures you have a good night’s sleep and allows your weight to be evenly distributed.

9. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress w/ Eco-Friendly PVC

The SoundAsleep camping mattress is a good competitor mattress in the market. It features a comfort coil technology with I-BEAM air coils and is made from eco-friendly PVC. The mattress has an extra thick material that allows high insulation and protection from the cold ground. It comes in two sizes, a twin-sized and a queen-sized, to better suit your preferences.

10. Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Airbed

The Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress is one of the best inflatable beds built from non-toxic PVC materials for high-quality insulation from wet and cold surfaces. This feature allows you to have a deep sleep while staying warm all night. The superior welding seam on the mattress prevents leakage, making it perfectly airtight and ideal for camping and outdoor use.

Appropriate Bedding for Your Camping Air Mattress 

Considering that you will be bringing your mattress to many places, you need to get the proper sheets to ensure that you are sleeping on a clean and sanitized bed. Camp beddings and sheets promote comfortability as you will feel more at home. After each use, you can wash your sheets and avoid having to deep clean your mattress every time you come home. Ensure that the size matches your mattress, not too loose and not too tight.

Caring for Camping Air Bed Mattresses

Camping air bed mattresses are essential, especially for frequent travelers. If you do a lot of camping and enjoy sleeping outdoors, you have to maintain the cleanliness and state of your mattress to make sure that each camp trip is as comfortable as the last one. 

To ensure that your mattress is in its best shape, follow these tips the next time you camp out:

Tip #1

Firstly, check the ground and inspect it well before laying out the mattress to ensure no sharp rocks can puncture and ruin the mattress’s shape. Keep the mattress away from rocky areas as they may form lumpiness on your mattress. 

Tip #2

Next, always carry a mattress patch kit with you so you can repair any damages immediately. 

Tip #3

Keep your outdoor air bed dry and make sure it is clean before folding and storing it away. Otherwise, your mattress can develop an odor. 

Tip #4

Lastly, store the mattress in a cool and dry place to avoid any reshaping and deforming that may occur under the sun.

Now that you have the tips on buying the best air mattress for camping, you can go ahead and start your camping journey today. Ensure that you have read all the necessary details and gathered all the information you need before making a final purchase. 

People have different preferences when it comes to the objects they use. The same goes for camping air beds, as each is designed to meet various standards. Choose the most suitable and comfortable air mattresses for your lifestyle, budget, and preferences to ensure that your travel is worth it each time.

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