Free & Simple International Calling App

Works on IOS or Android

MyLine IOS Calling App

International Calling with MyLine is possible with our app. To activate this MyLine App you must do the following:

  • Go to iPhone Application Store search for MyLine App and Install it. Phone App
  • First Open App, Enter MyLine Username and Password
  • Enter Phone number with Country code then Phone number or call directly from your Contacts.

iPad VoIP could be the right word that changed the tablets to Smartphone’s. Now, iPad users are able to make calls and carry long multimedia message exchange easily. VoIP iPhone calls lower down the costs for making long distance calls Making free calls to Australia, USA, UK, Canada and India require just the touch of your figure. Tab the button on the PC or the Smartphone to get in touch with the people you love most. Therefore, use your intelligence and contact one of the best services providers to do VoIP from India. In fact,VoIP to India has been analyzed by several business leaders in the recent years.

MyLine Android app

You can use this app from Android phone and Tablet

  • Go to Android Application Store (Google Play) search for MyLine App and Install it quickly. Phone App
  • Open your App, Login by MyLine Username and Password
  • Now you can enter Phone number as Country code then Phone number or call directly from Contacts.

MyLine presents another revolutionary android application that is exclusively designed for customers who make frequent calls around the globe. Named as Telcan, this application is one of the best VoIP App for Android that allows the user to make cheap calls and send free SMS. One can download this application from Google Play and install it in his/her internet enabled device. Open this application and login into it using the MyLine Username & Password and make VoIP Calls Android.

This android is way ahead of other android applications in the market for it is said to deliver best quality VoIP application. One can use this application as per requirements. The only catch is to make at least one call per month to keep this app in active status. However, if this application gets deactivated due to non-use, contact MyLine Support and get it reactivated.

With this MyLine application, you can start making your India and International Calls with great quality and very low cost. It is compatible with all set of android devices and works perfectly with 3G, 4G, wifi calling Android and other broadband services. This MyLine application allows free two-way calling to India. The call quality is regularly monitored 24×7 and rated as the best in the market. It is not as comprehensive like Skype, Viber and Vonage but delivers cheapest calls to India along with free SMS to many countries. This application is very secure and has been designed to facilitate easy and effective communication management with easy to use-intuitive screens.

MyLine offers a dedicated 24x& customer care service in order to help you with this Mobile Android VoIPcalling software. The customer support department is manned by a team of well trained, experienced engineers that proactively handles all queries and strives to get them resolved as soon as possible. One can reach TelCan’s customer service via call, live chat, SMS, or email. Herein is a video to make it easy for you to install this Android application.