Published on: Dec 6, 2019

London is one of the top destinations that people often wanted to go to. Why not? The city has a lot of picturesque places to offer, and the economic opportunity is excellent — no wonder why people want to go and move to London, especially Americans.

Moving overseas can be exciting. But the how’s, and what if’s can make you really anxious. Starting a new chapter of your life and trying different things in another country can be fun. But not doing some research before moving can be a little “pain in the arse” as what the British say.

That’s why this 5-minute guide for Americans who are planning to move to London might be your lifesaver.

Here are a few things you need to know when you’re moving to London.

Phone Plans Are a Lot Cheaper Than You Think

When you move to London, the first thing you might want to do is to have a UK SIM card. You wouldn’t want to use your US SIM unless you’re willing to pay for a tremendous amount of money to your US phone biller.
The first thing that London will surprise you is the lower price of the phone plans they offer. In the US, the average American’s  cellphone bill is $80 per month. In London, you can get a mobile phone plan for as low as £5 per month.

There’s so much cellular market competition in London. That’s why you’ll be able to find phone plans for a very low price. It’s up to you which deals you think might suit your budget and how frequently you’ll use your phone for international calls. (Related: Best Apps to Make Cheap Online Calls to the UK from the US)
If you’re a heavy user, though, you would want to have unlimited data usage, which costs for at least £15 per month.

Your Healthcare Is Their Priority

In the US, one of the many problems that you’ll face is the expensive monthly health insurance that you need to pay.

When you move to London, you don’t need to worry about getting sick and end up in a huge amount of debt. Their healthcare system is excellent, and you can get almost all medical services for free.

Although most foreigners would need to pay for about £200 per year for immigration health surcharge, it’s nothing compared to what you’re paying in the US for your health insurance.

Transportation in London Is Hassle-Free

Whether you’re a student or already working, transportation and travel time is very important to include in your busy schedule. But the thing is, it’s not a problem when you move to London.
London has one of the largest public transport networks, and it’s absolutely fantastic! The city has various options for you to get around almost everywhere. From buses, tubes, taxis, and many more! Even without a car, you will not find it hard living and traveling in the busy city of London.
While there are many things you still need to know about moving to London, this 5-minute guide will surely help you in getting started. (Related: 11 Things To Do Before Moving to Another Country)

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