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Local Phone Number

Call Forwarding


$5/one time setup fee

¢2/min to SIP Devices

¢3/min to U.S. and Canada


Toll Free Phone Number

Call Forwarding


$10/one time setup fee

¢3/min to SIP Devices

¢4/min to U.S. and Canada


Local & Toll Free Numbers

Port & Park Existing Numbers

Order Local and Toll Free Numbers - Forward

Your Existing Phone Number(s)

Transfer existing numbers

& save with our number parking service

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Simple Pricing. No hidden taxes,

commitments or gotchas.


Why Use MyLine?

The lowest prices in the industry

No contract, hidden taxes or fees

Founded in 1991 by

Interactive Media Technologies, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "porting" mean?

"Porting" means transferring your existing phone number from one telephone service provider to another.


Who owns my telephone number?

You do! We just service it for you. We "port” your phone number from your current provider to our service and maintain it. Under the FCC’s Local Number Portability” rules, you are able to keep your number indefinitely any time you want to change phone providers.


Do I have to purchase a number in my local area code?

"Porting" simply means transferring your existing landline or cell phone number from one telephone service provider to another.


Can I store more than one number with MyLine?

There’s no limit on how many numbers you can have as well as how many numbers forward to the same destination phone number or SIP address.


When can I cancel?

If you no longer wish to use MyLine, you can cancel or port your number out any time you want.

What does "Park My Number” mean and why would I do it?

Parking means storing your number with MyLine so you can maintain ownership of the number. Keeping your numbers active ensures that nobody can take it away from you.


How does “Call Forwarding” work?

We route your phone number to our call processing platform and use our IP based routing platform to send calls made to that phone number to wherever you determine/to the active phone number or SIP address you enter in your control panel.


Do I need internet for my MyLine number to work?

No. You only need a forwarding phone number unless you are forwarding to a SIP device.


Are there extra fees and/or taxes?

All Universal Service Fund, FCC, Federal, State and Local taxes and fees are included in our pricing.


What happens if someone calls my parked MyLine number?

Callers dialing your parked phone number will hear a short, pre-recorded message telling them the number is parked with MyLine.

Testimonials: Why customers love Myline.

⎯  Donovan Jones, President

Great system and service a big shout out to the MyLine system and its excellent support crew!"

MyLine has been managing my call forwarding for years and the service is always reliable and calls are clear.  We’re very satisfied with MyLine’s system, support staff and rates."

⎯  John Lerioux, Managing Partner


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